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Small Soldiers (1998)

Major Chip Hazard: It's a small world after all.

Irwin Wayfair: You put munitions chips into toys?

Chip Hazard: We are the Commando Elite. Everything else is just a toy!

Gwendy: If you can't accessorize, pulverize!

Major Chip Hazard: We're not toys, we're action figures!

Archer: Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

Archer: What's your name? Alan: Alan. Now shut up! Archer: Greetings, Alan now shut up.

Gwendy: All my makeup is cruelty free!

Gwendy: It's the baton death march!

Major Chip Hazard: You've got a lot of guts. Let's see what they look like.

Major Chip Hazard: I love the smell of polyurethane in the morning.

Chip Hazard: His battery is dead but his memory lives on.

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