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Snake Eyes (1998)

Kevin Dunne: Terri likes to talk to me during sex. Last night she called me from the hotel.

'Ricky' Santoro: It isn't lying! You just tell them what you did right, and you leave out the rest!

Julia: Look, I'm sorry. Rick Santoro: Who gives a shit if you're sorry? Julia: What are you mad at me for? Rick Santoro: Because I didn't have to know! You decided to have this problem, not me! My world would've gone on turning just fine, but now, either way I look, I have to do something that I don't wanna do. Do you I understand, I do not wanna do this!

Rick Santoro: Who the hell do you think you are, lady? Sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong. You were a number cruncher. Just crunch the goddamn numbers.

Rick: I'm betting that the redhead you followed is the same person who told Tyler to throw the fight. She's one. Shooter's two. Tyler's three. The drunk who shouted the signal is four and whoever was on the other end of that radio is five. Five people make a conspiracy, right?

Commander Kevin Dunne: How's Angela? 'Ricky' Santoro: Fat, fabulous, fantastic--I love her. Commander Kevin Dunne: How's the other one--what's her name? Candy? 'Ricky' Santoro: Oh, Monique? Skinny, mean, expensive--I *LOVE* her!

[Points at the bodyguard's hand on his arm] 'Ricky' Santoro: See where your hand is? That's a felony.

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