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Spawn (1997)

Spawn: You sent me to Hell! I'm here to return the favor!

Clown: I'm gonna cut you into 50 pieces and mail one to each state.

Jason Wynn: He killed Jessica, and he almost killed me! Clown: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Clown: Ooh! Burnt man walkin'!

Cogliostro: The war between Heaven and Hell depends on the choices we make. And those choices demand sacrifice. THAT's the test!

Spawn: Aren't there any normal people left on Earth, or is everybody just back from hell?

Jason Wynn: When this is all over, I will personally deep-fry your lard-ass.

Spawn: What's happining to me? Clown: Nothing. Just your necro-flesh going through its larval stage. Soon you're gonna get hair in funny places and gonna start thinking about girls!

Clown: Not even the entire cast of ER could put you back together again!

Clown: Everytime someone farts, a demon gets his wings. [farts twice] Oh, twins!

Spawn: God! Clown: [covering ears] Why'd you hafta go and say the "G" word? La la la la.

Clown: I love the smell of burnt asphalt in the morning.

Clown: You're dead. D E D. Dead.

Clown: I say destroy the cosmos, ask questions later.

[After defeating the Clown] Spawn: Give my regards to your boss! Tell him he's next!

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