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Street Fighter (1994)

Cammy: Cammy here, are you alright? Guile: Yes. I'm just half dead. Cammy: And Bison? Guile: All dead.

Dr. Dhalsim: If good men do nothing, that is evil enough.

Bison: You have made me a very happy man. Guile: And next, I'll make you a dead one.

[Screen shows truck loaded with explosives about to crash into them.] Zangief: Change the channel!

Bison: I hoped to face Guile face-to-face on the battlefield, where we could engage each other in respectful combat. Then I would snap his spine. But why? Why do they still call me a warlord? And mad? All I want to do is to create the perfect genetic soldier. Not for power, not for evil, but for good. Carlos Blanka will be the first of thousands. They will march out of my laboratory and crush every adversary, every creed, every nation! Until the world is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And peace will reign and all humanity will bow to me in humble gratitude.

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