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Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999)

Leigh Ann Watson: I'm gonna burn in hell for this. Luke Churner: It'll be a party!

Leigh Ann Watson: Oh, Mrs. Tingle, threats are a sign of weakness.

Mrs. Tingle: You present yourself with such self-assured tenacity, but your fear shows around the edges. You can do better. Jo Lynn Jordan: We're trying, Mrs. Tingle. Work with us.

Mrs. Tingle: The smartest girl in school caught cheating, it will be scandalous.

Leigh Ann Watson: It's completely factual, she was burned at the stake. Mrs. Tingle: Always the victim, aren't we, Ms. Watson? Leigh Ann Watson: Well there are certain similarities between society today and seventeenth century Salem. I guess that would be the irony of it all. Mrs. Tingle: Irony is the opposite of what is or might be expected. For example, if Ms. Watson was expecting an A on her history project, she might find the actual result to be rather ironic.

Mrs. Tingle: Mr. Churner? Dare I even ask? [Luke rises from his desk, walks up to the front of the classroom and places a rock on Mrs. Tingle's desk.] Luke Churner: Plymouth Rock. Mrs. Tingle: Your work, Mr. Churner, reminds me of a student that sat in that same seat some 20 years ago. He, too, had "No future" printed on him. ...Do give your father my best.

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