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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Donatello: I guess they're not lumberjacks! Michaelangelo: No joke! The only thing safe in the forest would be the trees!

Casey Jones: Lead the way, toots. April O'Neil: "Toots"? Casey Jones: Babe? Sweetcakes? Ah, Princess? You wanna throw me a clue here? I'm drowning.

The Shredder: There is a new enemy. Freaks of nature who interfere with our business. Find them. Together we will punish these... creatures. These... turtles!

Casey Jones: Not even close, Zip Neck. Professor and Mary Ann. Happily ever after. Donatello: No way, Atomic Mouth, Gilligan was her main man. They'd be married and have six kids by now. Casey Jones: Gilligan was a geek, Barfarooni! Donatello: You're the geek, Camel Breath! Casey Jones: Dome head. Donatello: Elf lips! Casey Jones: Okay let's give this a try: Fongoid! Donatello: Here goes. What are we on? Casey Jones: G. Donatello: Here goes, Gak face! Casey Jones: I'm ready, hose brain!

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