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Titan A.E. (2000)

Cale: The least they could do is kill my food before I eat it.

Cale: I happen to be humanity's last great hope. Preed: I weep for the species.

Akima: Should I get out and push?

Akima: You can't call a planet "Bob." Cale: So now you're the boss. You're the King of Bob. Akima: Can't we just call it "Earth"? Cale: No one said you have to live on Bob. Akima: I'm never calling it Bob.

[Surprising a group of aliens attacking Cale] Korso: If you're going to hunt humans, then there's something you should know about us: we travel in packs.

[Walking around inside the Titan.] Akima: What exactly are we looking for? Cale: This ship's gonna help us save mankind. Akima: What *exactly* are we looking for? Cale: Not a clue.

Preed: Just out of curiosity: do we have a plan B?

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