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Turbulence (1997)

Rachel Taper: We need you to program the autopilot so it can vector you around the storm front ahead. You've got a level 6 storm. Teri Halloran: Is that a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10? Rachel Taper: No, Teri... on a scale of 1 to 6.

Ryan Weaver: You are a convicted inmate on death row. What five albums would you pick?

Ryan Weaver: That's it. I'm never flying this airline again!

[Teri takes the drink orders] Ryan Weaver: I'll have the complimentary champagne. Marshall: Like hell you will! Ryan Weaver: Okay, I'll have a Bloody Mary. Marshall: Weaver! Ryan Weaver: Hold the vodka, the celery and the Tabasco. Teri Halloran: If you wanted a tomato juice, why didn't you just say so?

Maggie: I dated a criminal once. Teri Halloran: Only one? Maggie: He owned a used car lot. They busted him for turning back the odometers. Teri Halloran: How could you trust someone like that? Maggie: I figured I did the same thing when I told him I was 21.

Sinclair: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You've got a 747 beat to hell by level 6 turbulence, your flight crew is dead, you've got an armed convicted serial killer loose on board, eight passengers have disappeared, and your stewardess is locked in the goddamned cockpit. Have I left anything out? Controller: You forgot about the truck. [it's stuck to the landing gear]

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