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Very Bad Things (1998)

Kyle: I don't fucking know how to pray.

Laura: I am a created like no other and I will not, I *will* not, be common!

Michael: Your kid is one crutch short of a telethon.

Robert Boyd: I'm like a lighthouse! I stayed lit for you man! I never go dark. NEVER GO DARK!

Boyd: Allow me to be the first to say that what we have done here is *not* a good thing. It's definitely not a good thing. But it was, given the circumstances, the smart play.

Laura: You left a dead prostitute alone in the desert? Kyle: She's not alone...

Mike: Look at 'em. I'm amazed the windows don't blow out of their fucking sockets with all the ass-puckering rage in these soulless lizards. Kyle Fisher: I just want her to be happy. Mike: The same alarm clock every morning, same two pops on the same snooze button, same shower, towel, toothbrush, razor, blazer, hair pump, gel spray. It's a fucking epidemic, Fisher. You're getting married, baby. I'm not going to candy-coat it--it just gets worse. It's an eighteen-wheel cement truck that's going to crush every bone in your big body.

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