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Very Brady Sequel, A (1996)

Marcia Brady: I'm so happy for you, Jan Jan Brady: Really, Marcia? Marcia Brady: No.

[Asked where Marcia is.] Cindy: She's over there getting lei'd by those Hawaiian boys.

Roy: Marcia, you are such a beauty. Marcia: I know. Roy: And Jan, isn't Marcia gorgeous?

Roy Martin: I'm going to kick your Brady butt. Cindy Brady: Ooooooh, he said the B word.

Roy Martin: I'm tripping with the Bradys!

Carol Brady: Thank goodness I use AquaNet!

Carol: I wish I could be gay again.

Alice: That Sam is so thoughtful. He promised to slip me an extra tube steak.

[Stepping out of the refrigerator.] Alice: How about that! The light really does go off when you close the door!

Cindy: You can't take my mommy! Marcia: Yeah! Take Jan instead!

Marcia: I'll go first because I'm the prettiest.

Marcia: He even wrote something in my yearbook in French! "Menage A Trois." I bet that means "You're the most."

Marcia: Greg, there's a new thing called Women's Lib, and it means women get whatever they want.

Roy Martin: You can't believe her. Look at the hair, the clothes, the constant cheerfulness.

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