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Wonder Boys (2000)

Grady Tripp: Well, he did say a few things that made me believe it WAS his car. Terry Crabtree: Like what? Grady Tripp: "That's my car, motherfucker."

Grady Tripp: I'm a teacher, not a Holiday Inn

Grady Tripp: She's a transvestite. Terry Crabtree: You're stoned. Grady Tripp: She's still a transvestite.

Antonia "Tony" Sloviak: That's a nice greenhouse. Grady Tripp: It's Mrs. Gaskell's. Her hobby. Terry Crabtree: I thought you were Mrs. Gaskell's hobby, Tripp. Grady Tripp: Piss off, Crabs. I lost a wife today. Terry Crabtree: Oh, I'm sure you'll find another. You always do.

Sara Gaskell: So. I guess we just divorce our spouses, marry each other, and have this baby, right? Simple.

James Leer: It's just... for good luck. Some people carry rabbits' feet... Grady Tripp: ...You carry firearms.

James Leer: You're not like my other teachers, Professor Tripp. Grady Tripp: You're not like my other students, James.

James Leer: That's a big trunk. It fits a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog, and a garment bag almost perfectly. Grady Tripp: That's just what they used to say in the ads.

[Crabtree and a student drag James, hopped up on codeine, out of the auditorium.] James Leer: The doors made so much noise! Grady Tripp: Is he all right? James Leer: It was so embarrasing! He had to be carried out. Terry Crabtree: He's fine. He's narrating. James Leer: They were going to the restroom. But would they make it in time?

Vernon Hardapple: You drivin' this car? Grady Tripp: Excuse me? Vernon Hardapple: This 1966 maroon Ford Galaxie 500. You drivin' this car? Grady Tripp: It's mine. Vernon Hardapple: Bullshit! It's mine, motherfucka! Grady Tripp: You must be mistaken. Vernon Hardapple: Bullshit!

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