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Young Guns (1988)

"Dirty Steve" Stephens: There are people who will never secede -- John Tunstall: Succeed! "Dirty Steve" Stephens: Who will never succeed anywhere. Richard Brewer: There's a whole roomful right here.

William H. Bonney: Hey, Peppin! I see you got Charley Crawford down there with you. Peppin: Yeah! [Bonney goes to the window and shoots Charley Crawford.] William H. Bonney: Hey, Peppin! Charley Crawford's not with you anymore.

Charlie Crawford: Did you know pigs is as smart as dogs? It's true. I knew this guy in El Capitan who taught his pig to bark at strangers.

Charlie Crawford: Hey you ain't no regulator, boy! You just stay here with the pork, they're smarter than you anyway, you might learn something!

Murphy: WELL! The belted earl has spoken. All I see are hired thieves. John Tunstill: These boys are promising young men. Acquiring an education. Murphy: Well, I've had you pegged as the type that likes... educatin' young men.

Charley Bowdre: It ain't easy having pals.

China Girl: You look like trouble. "Doc" Scurlock: Trouble? I'm a poet, with flowers of all things. China Girl: And a gun... it's a big gun. "Doc" Scurlock: It's a big town. Come on Yin, all I want is a chance.

Richard Brewer: Papers can't do anything right.

"Dirty Steve" Stephens: Did you guys see the size of that chicken?

Charley Bowdre: Hey, Chavez, how come they ain't killing us? "Dirty Steve" Stephens: Because we're in the spirit world, asshole. They can't see us.

William H. Bonney: Reap the whirlwind, Brady! Reap it!

William H. Bonney: If we're caught, we're gonna hang... But there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

William H. Bonney: You know, Sir, I do admire you, and I sure would like to touch the gun that's gonna kill Billy the Kid.

[The "Regulators" are surrounded by 20-30 men in Alex McSween's house] Josiah G. "Doc" Scurlock: Billy, what are we gonna do now? William H. Bonney: We're gonna show these guys they've finally met their match!

[When the cavalry arrives] Josiah G. "Doc" Scurlock: Billy, we're good, but this is getting ridiculous. William H. Bonney: I like these odds...

"Dirty Steve" Stephens: Damn good riding with you, Chavez. Jose Chavez Y Chavez: Many nights, my friend... Many nights I've put a blade to your throat while you were sleeping. Glad I never killed you, Steve. You're all right...

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